About Me

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My name is Emily.

This past August I married my ‘everyday forever’ man, Zachary. We met and fell in love at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now live in (enemy territory) Minneapolis, MN. We are currently navigating this new season of marriage and full time jobs in our new home city- and the best thing is we’re doing it together!

My heart beats for kids (cannot wait to be a mom…someday) and longs for physical and spiritual freedom for the people of this world. This led me to a life-changing semester in Thailand where I fell head over heals for the people there. You can read more about that here. Blue skies are one of the happiest things for me, but really I’ve found that any sky creation can be inspiring. My family is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I value relationships above everything. I do awkward things probably too often. I love laughter and tend to run on the sassy side. Even so, I try my hardest to outweigh the sass with all things genuine. I am a sucker for sparkly nail polish, chai tea lattes, bows, blue eyes, and am a huge fan of the Wisconsin Badgers.

I’m passionate about writing, and specifically, words. I believe Jesus uses people’s words to change perspectives, spur others on, and bring truth to this spiritual battlefield we live in. I also believe that His word has ultimate authority on this earth. My words are by no means in perfect order or make perfect sense. They’re just my all-over-the-place thoughts processed out by writing them down. On my blog you’ll find things I’ve learned/am learning, moments of life with my favorite humans, my passions, and (hopefully) you’ll find Jesus weaved throughout it all. Enjoy.


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