February 28: Dreaming

So, this blog has been sitting in my drafts since September 26, 2013. Today I remembered it, edited it a bit, and decided it was time to post it. I’ve been getting in the habit of dreaming lately. I hope you’ll join me! -E

During my time at Impact School of Missions, we talked about our life dreams. This specific class was both inspiring and motivating and it highlighted something I’ve needed to do a little more of- dream with God. Here are some highlights:

First- Why dream? 4 main reasons:

  1. Dreams cause you to step out in faith and watch God do what only He can- the miraculous.
  2. Dreaming with God causes dissatisfaction with the natural life. You are a supernatural being designed for supernatural living.
  3. When we believe in supernatural living- that empowers our dreams and only causes our dreams to get bigger and better.
  4. We have gifts, talents and a destiny to fulfill our dreams. When you dream, you realize you were designed on purpose, for a purpose. (Romans 11:29, John 15:16)

Second, I’d like to pass on a really cool summary of a book called The Dream Giver. Sandra shared it with us in class, and I found a link to a copy on the internet. Read it! Then I encourage you to write down your dreams. Make note of them so that you can watch how God divinely weaves them into a reality- but it’s important to remember that His methods are higher and greater than our understanding. So don’t get caught up in expectations, and just follow the Dream Giver where He leads. When we co-labor with God to pursue our God-given dreams, He can and will provide, and it will be evident that He is the author of our story.

Blooming Dreams-King Rama IX Royal Park December 10, 2013


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