February 21: Yesterday’s Sunrise

I recently joined a bible study on the book of Revelation with my friend Taylor. It’s a witty/hilariously lead study by Beth Moore who brings down the house with her passion and humility. Our challenge for the entirety of the study (and beyond) is to wake up every day and say “Lord, reveal yourself to me today” (and to be open to that happening!).

The first week was so fun. Our culture dramatically under-spiritualizes the world we live in. So, to turn against that and acknowledge the Lord’s presence was just a face-palm-why haven’t you done this every day of your life-eye opening experience.

We’re into week two now, and I just wanted to share one of the little things that has happened.

Yesterday I woke up super early (6:15..) to nanny for the day. I got up, prayed that the Lord would reveal Himself to me, then got ready to leave and forgot about my prayer. The ‘polar vortex’ fully woke me out of my half-asleep trance as I walked out to my car. It was gloomy out. Just all grey and freezing and I had a long moment of, “God WHY do I live HERE??” (I had many of these this week). I weaved through the neighborhood to get to the main road, turned to face east, and my stomach lurched as I saw just the tiniest blip of pink/purple striped sky. TINY. Little. Hardly there. By the time I got to the house and got out to try and take a picture the sky was bright enough that it was hardly visible.

The stomach lurch was so strong though-like all my emotions had decided to give a quick pound up to my heart…and take me to Thailand.

I lived on the top floor of a seminary there and every morning there was a different, beautiful display out our kitchen window. I soon discovered that there was a ledge big enough to sit on if I just climbed onto the counter/out the window (sorry mom and dad). So I did. I watched the sunrise so many times. Even if just from inside the kitchen, it was impossible not to look out. But here, I’m rarely awake early enough to see it. Except yesterday I was and unexpectedly God made me really notice it.

It was a long time ago already that I was there. That the Lord showed me a million things that I don’t have the capacity to fully comprehend. That I fell hard in love with the people there. But yesterday God showed me that blip of a sunrise. As if to say,

“Remember this little blip of your life where I was so faithful?”

Yes. I remember.

“I’m the same as I was then.”

And so I was encouraged by a little pink/purple sky display to start my day. And it was small and huge at the same time, and it spoke directly to me.


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