September 8: Whirlwind

So much is changing. I’ve entered fully into being a “post-grad” (whatever that means), a lot of my closest friends have moved away, and I have moved from 4 years of downtown life into a beautiful apartment in suburbia (Waunakee). For years I have watched my older friends transition out of college and into the “real world” and have heard about how difficult it is-but how great it is too! And now here I am, in the midst of my own transition, trying to grip the reality that change is, in fact, hard.

I’ve gone through change before. I can’t fully remember it, but I know I went through a hard time when I first came to college. Finding/making friends is difficult! But my most recent experience with change was, honestly, not that hard. Last fall I went to a foreign country, had to make new friends/family, and lived there for 3.5 months- and it all seemed easy (thanks to Jesus). I never looked back. I was so incredibly comforted by what God was consistently doing in me and around me. So in thinking about what could possibly be different from one year ago, I’ve come to a realization that I often think about, but never truly deal with. In Thailand, I was fully expecting God to show up and do incredible things (which He did!)- but here, in America, I’ve lost sight of the God of the Universe who promises to be equally faithful in my life here as He did there.

Hebrews 13:8 says

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

He is the same- in transitions, in season and out of season, in Thailand and in America, He is the same. It is me who changes. My faith wavers. Sometimes I feel a need to be fully dependent on Him (and reap the incredible blessings-all for His glory!) and sometimes I’m super comfortable where I am, and think I can handle everything on my own. Sometimes I’m ready and willing to take God at His word, and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I believe God for the impossible, sometimes I don’t.

This is not a foreign reality to me- it’s a human reality that I often overlook, but need to deal with. This world continues to spin whether I decide to or not, but the truest of joys comes when I remember to choose to be fully dependent, ready and willing to take God at His word, and believe in Him for the impossible.

God will do incredible things through me when I am dependent on Him- all for His glory.
God is faithful to be taken at His word.
God can (and will) do the (seemingly) impossible.

These things are true of God every day! It’s just whether or not I turn to Him- despite the whirlwind of life transitions and change around me- ready and expecting His faithfulness in return.

That’s where I’m at today, and I’m hoping to (by His grace and strength) continue to be- ready and expecting this new season of life to be full of the joys He has planned.


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