Children of the Well

I’ve been home for almost 2 months now, and I’m finally getting around to posting pictures! First up: kids.

During my internship, I had the incredible privilege to spend my mornings (and some afternoons!) with the children of the women at The Well. What a beautiful experience it was! The Children’s center or “Baan Dek” was where I learned the majority of the language that I acquired, and I got to form relationships with these sweethearts. In the mornings we had worship and prayer then did some activities and played. In the afternoons, I got to hang out with the older kids who were so much fun too. We even took them on a field trip to see “Planes” at the movie theater and then went to Swenson’s for some ice cream. It brings me so much joy (and tears) to look through these pictures. They certainly captured my heart with their sweet faces and energetic personalities. So, hopefully they make you smile (at the very least!) Enjoy! -E

(pictures to come when I have time to transfer them…you can always hop over to the original post!)


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