September 8th: My life is funny.

  1. IMG_9948Yesterday after lunch and grocery shopping we had to stop to get data put on my roommate’s phone so that she could use the Internet if she needed to. Her and Jessica (the ISM school administrator) went to wait in line, and 3 of us sat in chairs in the mobile phone store. I was fighting my eyelids pretty hard, until I apparently fell asleep. And not just a light doze off- I was passed out hard in a mobile phone store in the middle of a gigantic 7-story shopping mall. I woke up to Jessica holding my hand and trying to calmly wake me up. Shoot, embarrassing. Monique was kind enough to take a picture though! So, please enjoy.
  2. The morning of day two started out really well. I showered and had the chance to sit and talk with my roommates, who are finally all here! I decided I should read some of the things from the packet of information I received upon arrival. However, I found that I had somehow locked myself out of my room. I was wearing shorts and a tie-dyed t-shirt, and EVERYTHING else I brought was in my room. My roommates were all quick to help. Hartley gave me a couple bobby pins, and Monique looked up some “how to pick a lock” YouTube videos. We each tried our hand at it, but it’s safe to say that none of us will be pursuing a career as a locksmith. After a phone call to Jessica, we found out that the only person with keys wouldn’t be able to come until the afternoon. Monique let me borrow some clothes for church, and some money for lunch, and when we finally got back to our apartment around 4:30, my room was unlocked.
  3. Today we attended Life Church. I will post more about the church later, but for now I want to continue with the comedy that God has provided me in the past 24 hours. 8/10 of the students were here and able to attend church with Jessica. When we arrived we were greeted by a lot of people, but one person in particular made me smile. A woman named Rose came over to our group to meet us and offer us some iced tea. She was sweet, and bubbly, and about 4 feet tall-in heels. After she left our little circle, I looked at Monique (who is also about 5’ 9”) and it was clear we were having the same thought. We’re giants. Call me Hagrid, I guess.
  4. My final story for tonight- “Jetlag Strikes Again.” After church, Monique and I both decided we would take a one-hour nap so that we would be awake to go to dinner, and could still sleep through the night. To BOTH of our dismays, we both slept through our alarms, and both slept for 6 hours. I got up to go to the bathroom and found Monique walking through the living room. We just laughed. I’ve decided that Jetlag is one of those, “throw your hands in the air and smile,” type of situations. You just have to give it time to wear off, and you might as well enjoy yourself in light of it. So, it’s now midnight here, and I’ve already slept 6 hours. The plan after I post this is to read and hopefully fall asleep. We’ll see how that goes. Enjoy this picture of Bangkok from my apartment. It’s smoggy, so a little hard to see, but still beautiful. -E



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