To God be the Glory

Quick disclaimer: when I re-started this blog a few weeks ago, I told myself I didn’t want to post it to Facebook or make a big deal of it. I just didn’t really care if anyone read it. I’ve realized that was kind of selfish. After sharing two posts last week I have gotten completely unexpected feedback. I’ve been told that things I wrote helped people to realize sin or areas of struggle in their lives and that they have also brought encouragement. Honestly, that is so cool for me to hear, because I never intended for anything I wrote to have that affect on other people. It was really just a processing tablet for me and I wanted people to be aware of these things so they could hold me accountable. So, I’m going to share when I post, but I don’t want it to be seen as a prideful thing. I’ll just be sharing my thoughts, my realizations, and some great truths about God. I still don’t care if anyone reads them. I could care less how many Facebook “likes” I get. I ultimately just want to continue learning about and growing closer to God. Where God leads, I will follow. This is where I’ll continue to share my journey.


Alright, well, I started a post for tonight before I went to my Bible study…but, I’m switching topics because I’m so excited this.

Tonight we were talking about the glory of God and what it means to glorify Him. Whew. Okay, seriously I just have so many thoughts going on right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some sense of them.

First. I want to talk about the incomprehensibility of the Almighty Creator. Nothing I could say would even come close to describing our God. During the “Here is your God” series that Blackhawk Church did this past fall, Senior Pastor Chris Dolson explained that God is not like us. He quoted A.W. Tozer’s book Knowledge of the Holy which says

“When we try to imagine what God is like we must of necessity use that-which-is-not-God as the raw material for our minds to work on; hence whatever we visualize God to be, He is not, for we have constructed our image out of that which He has made and what He has made is not God. If we insist on trying to imagine Him, we end up with an idol, made not with hands but with thoughts; and an idol of the mind is as offensive to God as an idol of the hand.”

Basically, anything we use to try and describe Him wouldn’t even come close. He is so unbelievable. Chris used a couple scripture passages to explain how people who have seen, or have even had glimpses of God have tried to describe Him.

“Over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of an expanse, shining like awe-inspiring crystal, spread out above their heads. And under the expanse their wings were stretched out straight, one toward another. And each creature had two wings covering its body. And when they went, I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of the Almighty, a sound of tumult like the sound of an army. When they stood still, they let down their wings. And there came a voice from above the expanse over their heads. When they stood still, they let down their wings. And above the expanse over their heads there was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like sapphire; and seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness with a human appearance. And upward from what had the appearance of his waist I saw as it were gleaming metal, like the appearance of fire enclosed around. And downward from what had the appearance of his waist I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness around him. Like the appearance of the bow that is the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness all around.” (Ezekiel 1:22-28)

The other one was Revelation 1:9-20, but for your sake and for my fingers’ I’ll just let you look that one up if you feel the need. The point Chris makes is that the only way we can describe Him is by using the word “like.” God is “like” this, God is “like” that. He says, “He is not like anything we can imagine or see.” So, trying to understand Him is impossible. Point made. Moving on.

In my sophomore study (we call it a training group) we are reading John Piper’s book Don’t Waste Your Life. Here’s a passage from this week’s chapter:

“Sometimes people say that they cannot believe that, if there is a God, he would take interest in such a tiny speck of reality called humanity on Planet Earth. The universe, they say, is so vast, it makes man utterly insignificant. Why would God have bothered to create such a microscopic speck called the earth and humanity and then get involved with us?

Beneath this question is a fundamental failure to see what the universe is about. It is about the greatness of God, not the significance of man. God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself. And he says it for us to learn and enjoy–namely, that he is infinitely great and powerful and wise and beautiful. The more the Hubble Telescope sends back to us about the unfathomable depths of space, the more we should stand in awe of God. The disproportion between us and the universe is a parable about the disproportion between us and God. And it is an understatement. But the point is not to nullify us but to glorify him.”

I think that is the coolest thing. And then we got off on a small tangent (my fault) about our human biology. Just as Piper said we should stand in awe of God more when we get unfathomable information about space, we should also stand in awe at the intricacy of the human body. I’m in a developmental biology class. Every single lecture I attend (which is all of them because it’s my favorite class) I get my mind blown by God’s handiwork. Here’s an example. Totipotent cells, under the appropriate conditions, are able to make any cell in the embryo/body. So after fertilization, an embryo that is only 8 cells, can and will make every single kind of cell in our bodies. What?! They’ve done experiments (not on humans, but on animals) where they move around parts of the embryo and still get a fully functional, completely normal animal. This proves that these cells are unspecified which means, at this point in development they have no “plan” so to say of what they will become. I don’t know, I like science, so maybe this isn’t cool to you-but basically an 8-celled embryo becomes a functioning being. Blows my mind. There’s also this thing called “Cloning by Nuclear Transfer.” I can’t even believe it’s possible, look it up, it’s incredible.

My point in telling you all this is that God is greater than us. He is Creator, He is Master Designer, He is Holy, He is Merciful, He is Graceful, He is Beautiful, He is  ___________(insert adjective here). (Well, not any adjective, but you get what I mean) In Exodus 3:14 it says

God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” And he said, “say this to the people of Israel, ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

So simple yet so profound. Can’t understand it. He is who He is! God is a trinity. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. 3 persons, one being. I talked about that in discipleship this week. The trinity is something that we cannot fully understand, because if we understood it then we would understand God, which we cannot do.

So, when we were talking about how incredible everything God created is, I was told to watch part of a sermon by Louie Giglio. I’ll let you watch it quick, then I promise I’ll be done.

Whaaaaaaaat? Are you kidding me? GOD. Incredible. All of these amazing creations, every part of it, was made to bring glory to Him. It is about the trinity, 3 persons, one being, GOD. It has always been about God.

“Bring my sons from afar

and my daughters from the end of the earth,

everyone who is called by my name,

whom I created for my glory

whom I formed and made” (Isaiah 43:6-7)

One last quote, from John Piper again in Don’t Waste Your life:

“God created us for this: to live our lives in a way that makes him look more like the greatness and the beauty and the infinite worth that he really is. In the night sky of this world God appears to most people, if at all, like a pinprick of light in a heaven of darkness. But he created us and called us to make him look like what he really is. This is what it means to be created in the image of God. We are meant to image forth in the world what he is really like.”

We cannot understand God, but through Jesus’ death on the cross we can know Him. He has masterfully created us, He has gracefully saved us from His wrath, and because of those things I am choosing to live my life to bring Him glory. It is what I was made to do.


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