Update and Jess

Here’s what is going on. I started this blog last April. I made one post. I started a second, never finished. Finals came. Summer came. I forgot about my proclamation to record my thoughts for the world to read. Then fall came and I met an incredible girl named Jess. Before I make my point, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my now best friend/future roommate. Here’s a quick profile…

Name: Jessica Sklba.

Facts: Freshman. Aspiring to be a high school English teacher. Follower of Jesus Christ. Loves red heads. One sister, mom, dad. Loves pomegranates. Values sincerity. Acknowledges beauty. Cutest laugh, ever. Badger. Enjoys animals that ride on roombas. Babies make her happy. Coffee drinker. Avid reader. Enjoys Lorelei, Rory and the rest of the Gilmores. Loves good music. Team Gale. Border-line hipster. Encouraging, loving friend.


Jess has a beautiful heart and an impressive way with words. She started a blog this past fall and it has been so fun to follow and read her thoughts on her faith and her life. So basically, she is my inspiration and encouragement for re-starting this blog. That being said, if anything I say offends you or you don’t like reading what I say, blame Jess. (Just kidding, kinda)… But anyways, I’m excited. Thank you Jessica Sklba. More importantly, thank you Jesus for the blessing she has been in my life. Go team yeah yeah yeah. Here’s a favorite video, just because it’s Monday.


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